Incorporated in 1995, QESB, a privately owned company was established to venture into the oil and gas industry. After more than 16 years involved in the post-downstream sector, QESB diversified into scheduled waste management catering to the demand for hydrocarbon products through our recycling efforts of waste oil and targeting the niche market of spent catalyst recovery.

Registered with Ministry of Finance, Malaysia as a bumiputera status company, QESB is a sponsored company under the TERAS Programme. The TERAS programme is managed by the Prime Minister’s Office’s which supports bumiputera companies in achieving the Government Transformation Program.

QESB is accredited and recognised by various Malaysian Authorities such as Department of Environment Malaysia, Malaysia Industrial Development Association, SIRIM for Quality Management System ISO9001, Petronas and Department of Safety and Health Malaysia.

Our Integrated Resource Recovery Complex is located on a 22-acre land in Teluk Kalong, Kemaman, in the state of Terengganu, Malaysia. It is one of the largest scheduled waste recycling, recovery and reuse complex in Malaysia. It is strategically positioned at the centre of the East Coast Petrochemical Hub in Terengganu and close to major ports and airports.

The complex houses the Flexible Refinery Plant, Catalyst Recovery Plant, administrative offices equipped with training facilities, laboratories as well as a Waste Water Treatment Plant. Equipped with the latest technology in the scheduled waste industry, QESB’s Integrated Resource Recovery Complex is envisaged as a one-stop center for environmental solutions.

QESB has also granted Pioneer Status by MIDA for these qualifying activities:

  • Recycling and recovery of spent catalyst to produce metal oxide
  • Treatment and separation of used synthetic base mud and drilling fluid
  • Recycling and recovery of spent waste oil to produce diesel, heavy fuel oil and light fuel oil.

QESB employs approximately 100 people. We have a strong management team backed by a skilled technical team with extensive experience. Our technical team receives continuous training in their field, with various technical certifications and credentials from Department of Environment Malaysia and the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.