With our Integrated Resource Recovery Complex, QESB envisages itself as a one-stop center for environmental solutions. To that end, we provide integrated scheduled waste management services or ISWMS™ that includes consultancy and waste inventory management. Our consultancy involves inter alia:

  • Inspection all types of scheduled wastes, wherein we help identify and advise clients on the proper treatment and/or disposal in accordance with legal requirements.
  • Witnessing services for precious metal spent catalysts. This service is provided to ensure that sampling services
  • Packaging and labeling. This includes the supply of bags, new and reconditioned drums, various types of containers and pallets to ensure compliance with statutes and Malaysian government and international standards.
  • Logistics and transportation solutions for scheduled waste.
  • Waste inventory management. This includes planning, implementation and monitoring of waste inventory to ensure compliance.
  • HSE compliance. Our specialty includes knowledge of types of scheduled waste and their proper handling to ensure that global safety standards are adhered to.