Our team values integrity, nurture a performance-based culture with a strong commitment to safety and the environment. Our senior management team is led by the Chief Executive Officer and is supported by a strong team of technical and professional personnel. Cumulatively, the senior management team has over 100 years’ experience in diverse industries and field of specialties.


  • Azman bin Abdullah, our Chief Executive Officer is a certified chartered management accountant with extensive corporate experience both domestic and foreign.
  • Azizan bin Jaafar, our Chief Financial Officer is a certified accountant and has been in the financial services sector for more than ten years including work experience in corporate finance in various industries and merchant banking; venture capital and consultancy.
  • Khairul Azmi bin Ismaon, the Director of Special Projects was part of the pioneering team at QESB and has been involved in strategic planning as well as branding and communications.
  • Muhammad Khairul Afzan bin Mohamad Yusuf, the Business Development  and Marketing Manager plays the lead role in marketing, business development and commercial, with proven sales track record at Malaysia’s leading petroleum company and other multinational corporations.
  • Ahmad Fadzli bin Zulkifli, our Director of Operations had risen through the ranks and has been effectively running our Catalyst Recovery Plant and Flexible Refinery Plant operations since our acquisition of the Integrated Resource Recover Complex.
  • Md Asraff bin Abd Karim, the Director of Research and Development has more than ten years technical experience in the petrochemical industry including stints as technical officer at Malaysia’s leading petroleum company and other multinational companies.
  • Faiza Azima binti Razali, the Director of Health, Safety and Environment Quality is a certified Occupational Safety & Health Officer and competent Scheduled Waste Manager with Chemical Health Risk Assessment and is in charge of our regulatory compliance.
  • Shahrun bin Ramli, the Director of Human Capital Management has over twenty years’ working experience in human resource, finance, information technology, ISO implementation and administration in various industries including construction, forestry and furniture.


Our team consists of specialists and experts with extensive experience in managing and handling scheduled waste, on site and off site. All our specialists are certified by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.