• Thermal Oxidation Process System
  • Density Grading
  • Screening And Sieving

The catalyst recovery process essentially involves the removal of impurities such as carbon and other volatile organic content from the base or precious metals catalysts using pyrolysis i.e. controlled combustion technology which is also known as Thermal Oxidation Process System. Thus transforming the scheduled waste into non-scheduled waste.


The workflow for spent catalyst recovery process includes:

  • Consulting, planning and project management
  • Inspection and analyses
  • Collection and processing of the spent catalyst
  • Packaging and shipment treated spent catalyst
  • Reclamation, recovery of base metals and refining of precious metals.

The output of Spent Catalyst Processing include: Treated Catalyst and Reclaimed Metals.

We also offer specialised services as part of our scheduled waste management service:


  • The screening process is to separate between catalysts and non-catalysts. Then, the spent catalyst shall undergo second stage process, where the spent catalyst is separated based on its physical forms; pellets, dust, sweep and broken catalyst.


  • This value added service is part of the screening process for separation of used catalyst with subtle physical differences. Density Grading Process separates catalyst particles of similar size based on individual particle density.